Gift idea for passionate sailors: The Practical Guide to Celestial Navigation

If you want to qualify as a commercial skipper/superyacht captain you need to know how to carry out celestial navigation. This book fulfils the need for a clear explanation of celestial navigation, illustrated with colour diagrams and including unique checklist sheets to enable you to repeat all those calculations you learned back at home, when you’re on deck.

Without overwhelming the reader with a load of theory, the author breaks down what you need to do, step by step, explaining why at every point – giving the information context, and making it more interesting and memorable. He even includes a troubleshooting chapter near the end, going through errors commonly made, and how to spot them. The objective is that readers will finish the book not only knowing what to do, but really understanding why. The author also includes time-tested ‘proformas’ – quick reference sheets that sailors can refer to when they come to putting the theory into practice on board.
Author and ocean sailor, Phil Somerville began teaching the Masters in Celestial Navigation at the MCA in 2017, following years of teaching the Royal Yachting Association’s Ocean Astro-Navigation course in the UK. ‘The Practical Guide to Celestial Navigation’ is his first book, and was published in October 2021.

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