Harbour of Vintimille

Cala del Forte

Harbour of Cala del Forte (Vintimille)

Founded in 2002 by the city-state of Monaco, Monaco Ports (SEPM), manages the Principality’s ports (Hercules and Fontvielle) as well as the new floating breakwater. In 2016, faced with the ever-increasing demand for yacht berths and the saturation of the Principality’s ports, Monaco Ports decided to create SMIP (Société Monégasque Internationale Portuaire) and purchased the neighboring port of Cala del Forte in Ventimiglia (IM). The project was born out of a desire to expand the company, but also aims to push cross-border collaboration, create new jobs and demonstrate the company’s philosophy of sustainable port management, ecological responsibility, hospitality, service and security.

Like sister marinas Port Hercules and Port de Fontveille, Cala del Forte operates to the same high professional standards, with an uncompromising commitment to safety, discretion, environmental sustainability and ethical responsibility.

Cala Del Forte S.R.L.
Passeggiata G. Marconi, 5,
18039 Ventimiglia IM, Italie
+39 0184 33109