Yacht Club de Monaco (on-site) & Worldwide (virtually)

Thursday 21st April, 2022

The World’s First Hybrid International Forum Dedicated to Experiential Yachting

Experience Economy is rapidly representing a large part of the yachting industry where the effect of its goods and services on people’s lives is emphasised with purpose and additional value.

An increasing number of yacht owners are commissioning vessels that are destined beyond the boundaries of conventional yachting use. But such an approach requires specialist knowledge and expertise in the fields of Ocean and Human Health, Marine Science, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Metaverse, AI & VR Technology and more.

For the first time therefore, the world’s experts in experiential, such as yachting professionals, experience providers, owners, owner representatives and captains are coming together, both on-site in Monaco, and worldwide, virtually, on April 21st 2022 for a one-day forum to (e-)meet, discuss and share their experiences in this new and exciting area.

In light of the current worldwide events, if required, the topics, input and content will be adjusted to remain relevant and bring value out of respect of the situation. The forum has a purpose to unite and a chance for all to share our voices and provide purpose. Now more than ever is this important.