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    Who am I ?

    With a degree in Journalism, I discovered the written and audiovisual press and then obtained a degree in Communication and Press Relations at the International Institute of Communication in Paris. Fascinated by this field of professional activities which requires a quick understanding of communication issues, a spirit of synthesis and a facility to put forward the skills of my interlocutors, I learnt a lot within event communication agencies between Paris and Toulouse as a Press Attaché. Then I created my own small company in Toulouse in 2001 and set out to conquer new horizons in Nice without abandoning my clients who follow me faithfully.

    In 2015, with the help of SG COM, I decided to launch my own book collection. The idea is to position the local Yachting economic actors in order to highlight their services, products, performances in the eyes of their target customers who are the boat and yacht owners, occasional or resident users and crew members including Captains. The 1st edition will take place in Antibes, the city of yachting par excellence.

    Today, the collection has been expanded. Each port has its own edition which has become “The Official Port Guide” promoting the activities of its port teams and its services to those arriving by sea. The yachting professionals thus benefit from a good visibility in each support and communicate directly with their customers in a top-of-the-range booklet targeted at yachting.
    With its success, the Best of Yachting collection has been developed to provide the best service on the French Riviera and in Monaco.

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    Sophie Mordelet Best of Yachting